Hey Loves! 

Sharelle here (on the right). Yes, my name is Sharelle, but I also go by Sasha, Relle, Rellie, Rudy, Sharella, Relish... you get the point. :) 

Sasha Aya, is my brand. Sasha, simultaneously meaning 'Healer of (Her) people' and Ancestor Spirit. Aya is the Adikra symbol for the fern of resilience, endurance and outlasting growth. 

I started this business under the name Balm Therapy in 2010, and have since expanded into a Brand, with Balm Therapy and many other aspects under the Sasha Aya umbrella. 

As a woman of many trades and talents, including Fashion Design, Artistry, Bodywork Therapy & Energywork, Yoga & Wellness, Holistics & Herbalism, to name a few...I've found a way to harness these professions under one umbrella, Sasha Aya.

We are based in Miami Beach and have clientele varying from professional athletes and local celebrities to the everyday working individuals, looking for therapeutic relief and healing. We offer Massage, Reiki, Reflexology, and Yoga, as well as Yoga/Swim Apparel and Herbal Elixirs and Body Balms for Internal Healing. 

Our latest addition is our apparel line, a sister-owned label (Sharelle & Chelsea), called LYLLLY. It includes Yoga + Fitness apparel, as well as Swimwear for women and girls. 

Welcome to the Sasha Aya Shop!