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Grand Rising Daily Detox Tea

A delicious blend of detoxifying and replenishing flowers, aquatic plants, herbs and fruits. Ingredients: Lemon Balm Irish Sea Moss Sour Sop Bladderwrack Burdock Root Moringa Cersi Dandelion


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The Perfect Blend!

This tea is truly giving me life! I love tea and couldn’t wait to get it in the mail! It is the first tea that I’ve had that didn’t need a ton of additives. I dropped a pinch of agave in it and that was just right (and actually not necessary). It gives you such a good feeling as you drink it and it smells amazing. Sasha Aya got the right blend with this one!

E. Daniels

Gives me a boost

I just got my tea and love it so far. I plan on making some larger batches to stretch its use. The packaging, customer experience has been great so far. I'm pretty new to the tea world so I loved that they provided directions for other ways to use the tea besides drinking it.
Can't wait to order more.

Brown Goddess Collective

Best tea ever!!

From the moment I opened the package to this tea, I knew it would be delicious. You can literally smell exactly how it taste through the bag. It’s a nice fruity flavor and pairs well with lemon. I’ve had many brands of tea but this is by far the best one yet!! Thanks girl!!


Amazing taste!

Beautiful tea bags
I love that it comes with a suggested affirmation/mantra
You can tell real herbs are used and it’s not just dust.

Chardey Collins


A collective of Healing Modalities, Techniques, Concoctions, & Products to assist in healing your Mind, Body & Spirit.

Raspberry Sage

Chakra Smokes Pre-Roll


A beautiful blend to give your immune system the BOOST it needs!